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A business development consultant can help a business to establish their goals and identify problems within their current business setup.

They can then can help to design and implement changes to help the business to grow and reach their goals. This could include many different areas of a business, such as finance, HR or marketing. The consultant can then provide on-going support to ensure the procedures are maintained.

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Company Comment 11: Thank you for your wonderful comments Toni, we will pass your gratitude on to Bev with pleasure. Toni Gibson is in charge of propriety at The Bleeding Wolf, situated on the Staffordshire, Cheshire Border along the A34 between Congleton and Kidsgrove. The Bleeding Wolf is a family run public House with a good reputation for Home cooked Food and a popular watering hole for many a regular customer of all age groups. A Picturesque, Pleasant looking pub with a thatched roof, cream exterior walls and in the summer season has beautiful hanging baskets. With all this in mind sometimes paper work can take a backseat, meaning HR issues can take a while to be resolved. Thanks to The Bleeding Wolfs forward thinking in hiring us, we at Avensure can take care of the paper work, while they run the pub and provide the food and service that their customers have come to expect.

Mentoring is a method used by usiness development consultants. MentoringĀ is a personal or business developmental relationship with someone who has extensive knowledge or experience in a certain area, for example, business. This person is referred to as a 'Mentor' and provides advice/ support and guidance.

I feel that we have gained good value for money by using David.

Managing Director
Millennium Lighting (UK) Ltd

Another part on business development consultancy is change Management, thisĀ is the process of managing the transition of a business to a new desired state. Depending on the business and their aims, it could involve project management or helping to implement a new IT system.