Jane Binnion
32 Albert Road
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My name is Jane Binnion, I’m an award-winning social media and ethical sales trainer.

I am based near Lancaster and mostly work with organisations in Lancashire and Cumbria, but the wonders of Skype and webinars mean that I can work with you where-ever you are.

I’m a qualified and experienced adult trainer, so I have a deep understanding of learning styles. My background was mostly in charities and local government, where I was trained to be Systematic, Strategic and Solution Focused. As a result I now specialise in Strategy and Policy.

I work with a whole range of organisations on joined-up thinking with regard to relationship building for marketing, sales and customer care.
And I ‘practice what I preach’; I am an ethical entrepreneur and I use social media to grow my own business.

Success in social media and sales is all about the relationships that we build. With a degree in sociology, a background in community work and training in Business Education from Phil M. Jones, I bring a full understanding of human interaction that will bring you the results you want.