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Video Production

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Who’s telling your story? 

If you’ve got something good to talk about I bet you do the talking. 

If asked the question I expect your best clients will tell a good story about you too.

However, there’s only one of you and while amazing advocates, I doubt your clients go knocking on doors to spread your good word.

I believe in the power of a good story to move someone to action, whether this is in business, politics, education, fund raising or relationships.

We were brought up on stories told by our parents and teachers, we read stories and we watch stories. They educate us, entertain us, warn us, inspire us and propel us.

It’s my privilege to help people who have great stories to tell to find and increase the size of an audience who want to listen.

I do this primarily through video interviews. Capturing the passion of the innovator (the business) and the testimony of the client.

These interviews are edited into short, powerful videos, embedded into websites and made easy to find on YouTube. You can then share them through all you other favourite social media sites.

From these interviews, I also turn these stories into press releases and news features for the press and online media.

They are also used to identify key marketing messages that may have been overlooked or underused. I then help with rewriting content for the website, brochures and sales communications.

I have worked in marketing communications in one way or another since 1996, much of this in financial services.

I also get to do a very similar job for The Queen as a Media Operations Officer in the RAF Reserves. Why? Stories told in the media can win, lose and even prevent wars.

If you have a great story to tell about your business, product or service and you have clients who passionately believe in what you have done for them, I’d like to hear your story. 

With a little help, maybe hundreds or even thousands of people will be telling and sharing your story.

Specialties:Social media marketing, Internet marketing, business growth strategies, marketing, copywriting, advertising, green marketing, environmental marketing, web design, web development, hospitality, retail, IFA, financial advisers