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June Beddows
33 Kirkstone Way
Brierley Hill
01384 892125
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Cyber Security, Secure Hosting Solutions for NHS organisations

Bespoke Software Specifications and development

Lift up your business and step into greatness. Learn, create, and grow.
The gateway to Greatness is Digital Information Strategy and Business Resilience. 

In a changing Digital world businesses must be adaptable and Resilient to prosper and survive.
In every business and organisation Digital Information and Communications continue to offer new ways to serve your customers daily. We live in a dynamic, fast-paced consumer culture; constantly engaging with and using Digital Information to drive and improve every aspect of every business. 

Your services and responses can be adaptable and resilient when you utilise Digital Information systems that YOU can control, change and adapt as your business grows and changes. 

Digital solutions are faster, more accurate, cost effective, 24/7, resilient, flexible, auditable and provide added value solutions. 

Why limit your resilience, flexibility and ability to adapt by choosing packaged solutions that restrict and limit the information and processes available to YOUR business? Resilience means knowing what records, data and activities are needed, and selecting systems that match this need.

After studying Mathematics I became a School Teacher, teaching the programming of Computers before their mainstream application. On moving to corporate computing and working within large organisations I rapidly established my own niche position.

My personal goal and love of learning is to show others how to become resilient and adaptable.
Computers should take the strain, ensuring that Innovation unlocks Profit for all concerned.  People should understand at a basic level what process and activities are undertaken on their behalf by digital solutions.

My experience provides expertise & knowledge within most business functions and many industries and I strive to de-mystify the world of computing for everyone. These unique services help organisations of all sizes to become resilient and harness digital technologies effevtively for their businesses and organisations.

Organisations where I have worked in this way include:
South Staffordshire Water PLC, 
Redenet Ltd, 
Royal Mail, 
many NHS Trusts, 
several Midlands Councils
several SME's

Specialties:Implementation of information-based systems, identifying and meeting the needs of both staff and management in terms of training, performance and ensuring successful and efficient outcomes for those involved. Resourceful problem solving approach and can-do attitude, a thinker who can translate thought into realistic achievable goals.
Training help at all levels in the effective management of digital strategy, processes and information from the user perspective not the technical management.