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Steve.  Thank you for your help and especially the assistance of Jo, Andrew, Niki and Dan. As you know I would not describe myself as ‘The Best Salesman in the World’, far from it.  It was for that reason I was very happy to take you up on your offer of active sales support. Its a great product and I am really excited by the way things have gone and the way they are going. The process of organising a quick conference call whereby we talk and then dial in a customer to deliver the sales message over the phone and then follow up with a face to face meeting is excellent.  It saves time going to abortive sales meetings and trying to sell the service to someone who is not yet ready.  I had not realised that the ‘qualification’ call would also effectively move the sales process forward usually to the “start the pilot” stage.. I have never been to sales meetings at which the client was ready and keen to proceed with a complex and relatively expensive solution by the end of just one sales meeting.  I have certainly never had customers chasing me after the first meeting for an invoice so they can pay us to get to work immediately.  I have also never been in a position where there are apparently no competitors, which presumably explains why we are seemingly able to go from sales pitch to order so fast – i.e. without having to compete with other suppliers. Anyway, I am delighted with the progress and whilst I am slightly worried about the volume of work that is going to come my way I am confident that together we will quickly be able to deal with anything customers will throw at us. So again thank you – to say my expectations have been exceeded would be somewhat of an understatement, it was the the right decision to put all my efforts into The Marketing System and the Customer Care Programme.

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