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I am really delighted with the way things are going and really appreciate the help and assistance you and the team have been giving me. 

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I am really delighted with the way things are going and really appreciate the help and assistance you and the team have been giving me. As you know other pressures slowed my initial progress but recently our joint strategy of a quick pre-sell / pre-qualify conference call followed by a face to face meeting seems to be working.   To summarise, this is where my sales pipeline has moved to after a few telephone calls and two days out together visiting prospects:   1. A large law firm in Portsmouth where our first discussion with the CEO lasted just 33 minutes and resulted in a request to ‘see us as soon as possible’ and a meeting 4 days later at which they said “we have to do this, please confirm your proposal and we will crack on…”.  As discussed the CEO has apologised for the delay but “staff appraisals have slowed progress…”.  I am promised a call back to progress things before the end of this week.  And that is amazing as we only spoke for the first time less than three weeks ago and have only met once.   This success is all the more surprising as they already have a specialist supplier dealing with feedback and their PR company providing Case Studies – it is great to know that we appear to have something highly valued. The key benefit they are buying into is the ability to up-sell and cross sell their services into the corporate clients using the CCP to do so.   2. An accounting practice in Fareham.  This was perfect, they want everything we can offer and they appear keen to proceed after just one 35 minute conference call.  Despite the fact that we have not even met them yet I am optimistic that this will result in business very soon.  This is amazing as this is a well-established practice operating at the high end of the market.   3. An experienced senior executive with IBM and business advisor. It is clear that he has heard and seen just about everything in business.  It was fantastic to see his response to the CCP and the FBR3 system as solutions for both B2B and B2C businesses after just one meeting.  He and I are now discussing how best to introduce the overall service into his very considerable network of businesses large and small, many of whom have employed his services in one form or another over the years.    4. Patent Attorneys in Hampshire.  A great meeting yesterday with one of the partners.  After one quick discussion it was great to know that he is very keen to present the CCP to the marketing partners at their next meeting. Given their specialisation, the scope to cross sell into their client base was clearly a major influencing factor in his enthusiasm. He seemed to be very confident that they will go ahead after the August holidays.     Time Scale: Given that all of the above has happened over the course of just the last three weeks and that EVERY SINGLE discussion and meeting has resulted in a positive outcome I am both amazed and delighted.   It genuinely seems that everyone we meet needs and wants what we do.  There seems to be absolutely no price pressure due to an apparent total lack of competition.     What would I say to anyone else thinking about joining our team? If you advise business and / or deliver any form of business development consulting, then you need to give the Customer Care Programme and TMS very serious consideration.  If you have clients and an established business, you will want to introduce the CCP to all of your clients.  If you don’t have enough clients, you will want to join us – the proposition is so compelling it almost sells itself.   My hot prospect list now totals more than 14 and several are potentially £60,000+ per annum prospects I am looking forward to a very bright future.

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