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You can always get in touch with them and get an answer straight away. I've been with Burgis & Bullock for over ten years. If I have any issues I can ring them up and email them and I'll get an answer the same day. Everything that...
Thank you, Lynn, for your kind words. Lynn Malin is the Director of JBMPS Ltd. We are delighted...
Name:Lynn Malin
Job Title:Director
Sector:Welding & Fabrication and Heavy Plant Maintenance
Company:JBMPS Ltd
Service(s) Provided: , , , , ,
Burgis & Bullock are friendly, professional, and fast to respond. I can always get help and am never disappointed or sent away having to sort it myself. They're easy to get in touch with. Everything is good really. The company has been...
Thank you, Teri, for your kind words. Teri Albin is the Finance Manager of The Garden Furniture...
Name:Teri Albin
Job Title:Finance Manager
Sector:Retail garden and conservatory furniture and ornaments
Company:The Garden Furniture Centre Limited
Town:Stratford Upon Avon
Service(s) Provided: ,
Burgis & Bullock respond quickly and are efficient and to the point. We started with them this year with our accounts. It's probably been about 8 months. ...
Thank you, Elisabeth, for your kind words. Elisabeth Tritschler is the Head of Finance of Rotary...
Name:Elisabeth Tritschler
Job Title:Head of Finance
Sector:Not For Profit Membership Organisation
Company:Rotary International
Service(s) Provided: , ,
Inca are easy to get on the phone. They give an awful lot of feedback, so they give plenty of up front warning about what's going to happen, when your tax bill is due. Their payroll service is excellent and they always prompt every single...
Thank you, Simon, for your kind words. Simon Gregory is the Managing Director of Clear and...
Name:Simon Gregory
Job Title:Managing Director
Sector:Branding, Marketing and Design Agency
Company:Clear and Creative Communications Ltd.
Service(s) Provided: , , , , ,
I like that Inca just have someone to use as a point of contact, and I can send and email, and even if they can't answer it they'll ask someone else and get back to me, so the feedback is always good. We've been with them since we...
Thank you, Julia, for your kind words. Julia Williams is the Director of 2 Cherries. We are...
Name:Julia Williams
Job Title:Director
Sector:Graphic Design
Service(s) Provided: , , , ,
I found the session was very informative and liked the way our business was broken down bit by bit in an interesting and interactive way. This caused the team to voice their individual opinions to the team and then all come to a mutual decision...
Name:A Delegate
Star rating: n/a
Service(s) Provided:
Daniel from Enquir3 gave an interesting talk on how businesses can get real value from their existing clients and customers. He clearly knows his subject area well and can back up his conclusions with evidence from a variety of sources. Daniel...
It was my pleasure to deliver the presentation to the 'Box Business Breakfast' networking group....
Name:Simon Tyler
Company:Highlight Media
Service(s) Provided: ,
I like the fact that it gave us huge insight into our customers. I liked how Daniel presented the data to us. It was easy to understand. It's been very valuable. It's enabled the business to look at what we do and change a few things...
Name:Henrietta Brown
Job Title:Director
Sector:Chambers of Commerce
Service(s) Provided: ,
It was interesting to find out about what people thought about the services we offer. It will reinforce the good things we do and look at any negatives which will strengthen our service. ...
Name:Julie Smith
Job Title:Head of Partnerships
Sector:Chamber of Commerce
Service(s) Provided:
I thought it was very professional, very customer friendly, and very clear in setting expectations; I think my expectations were set very clearly at the beginning. I knew exactly what we were going to get for the contract that we agreed. ...
Name:Elaine Harvey
Job Title:Head of Marketing
Sector:Chamber of Commece
Service(s) Provided: , ,